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Comprehensive Family Dental Services

Proudly serving Southeast Missouri and surrounding area

Typically, dental care needs vary as one’s age changes, that’s why Dr. Riddle provides full family dental care – you’ll experience exceptional comfort and quality care at the office of Dr. Gary L. Riddle, D.D.S.

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Dr. Gary Lynn Riddle (DDS) has been practicing dentistry since 1982 after receiving his degrees from Southeast Missouri State University and University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). Dr Riddle has remained at his current location, 1420 Main Street in Scott City, for the past 20+ years. He supports his community by offering pre-school hygiene examinations to the children in the local Head Start, donating numerous dental supplies to charity events, volunteering on SMILES OF HOPE (Website) in Dexter, MO and also sponsors and endorses a variety of high school sports teams.  


Our patients are loyal to our Scott City dental practice because of the relationship we create, develop and maintain from the first appointment on. As a patient, your feelings, questions and concerns are important to us and we will listen and address any topic or issue that you might have. We are committed to providing you with high-quality dental care and comfort through the environment we proudly provide. At our practice, you’re not just a patient; you’re an extended member of our family! 

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A convenient, affordable discount plan for patients without insurance

Gary L. Riddle DDS is proud to offer a discount plan for patients with dental insurance. The plan requires you to keep your routine preventive cleanings and receive discounts as a reward for doing so.

The plan has many advantages over insurance.  There is a yearly fee of only $275 and there are no deductibles, no maximum, only rewards for having your recommended cleanings and x-rays.  When getting your routine cleaning and x-rays, you will receive a progressive discount.

When you sign up, you will receive an immediate 11% off any treatments.  After 1 year of cleanings your discount will grow to 15%.  After 3 years you will receive a 20% discount on ALL services.  We strongly believe that with regular checkups you can eliminate many of the causes of major dental expenses.

Our highly educated hygiene staff are ready to keep your smile bright, and your mouth clean and healthy.  They will educate you and give you insight on how to better establish home care that will help maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.  Routine visits will eliminate the buildup of harmful bacteria and keep you smiling.


gary riddle dds2 Cleanings per year 

All Exam Appointments

All X-Rays

Perio patients will get the 11% off of treatment



Dental Products

Referral to specialists

This program will not be offered in conjunction with any other discount provided by our office

The program will be voided for anyone that becomes covered with dental insurance


I understand the benefits, limitations, exclusions and requirements on this program and I agree to the following:

I will maintain the recommended recall to receive my discount.  I am aware that the discount is based off of Gary L Riddle DDS’ full fee.  Failure to comply will result in the discount program being voided and full fees will be due at the time of services.

Patient: _________________________________________________  Date: _____________

Signature of Enrollee: ________________________________________________________


Gary riddle d.d.s. smiles of hope

Smiles of Hope is a ministry of Lighthouse Church of Dexter, MO.  Licensed dentists from across the state volunteer their time and expertise at the clinic events.  Some patients have come from as far as West Virginia for this service. 

Dr. Gary Riddle, D.D.S. is proud to be a part of this professional team

Tooth extraction clinics are held every month but pre-registration is required. Smiles of Hope is currently registering people for the January Clinic. To register online go to Once there click on the outreach tab and follow the prompts. You can also fill out our online form HERE.  If you have any questions please call (573)624-2500 ext 6.

The Daily Statesman published a nice article about this and Dr. Riddle in February, 2013

A few of Dr. Riddle's SERVICES and PROCEDURES

dental crown


If a tooth is severely decayed, broken or missing, you may need a dental crown or a bridge.

dental implant


If you have missing, or extensively decayed teeth, a dental implant may be your best solution.

dental bridge


If you have a missing tooth, other teeth may shift out of place.  A dental bridge may be a good choice for you.

fillings and repairs


A filling restores a decayed tooth back to its normal function and shape, and help prevent further decay.

exams & cleanings


Our hygienists are very experienced and use gentle techniques to give you excellent cleanings.

zoom teeth whitening


Philips Zoom #1 patient requested professional teeth whitening treatment. Call now!

bonding and veneers


Bonding or Veneers…. What is the difference? Come in today to see which procedure is right for you!

digital x-rays


Limits your exposure to harmful radiation, and provide exceptional images of your teeth.

Michelle Exley
Michelle Exley

I’ve been going to Dr. Gary Riddle D.D.S. for a little over 30 years now.  I was one of his first patients when he purchased his office building in Scott City, MO.  and have only gone to one other dentist during that time.  I moved and hour and a half away so I went to a dentist that was closer to me.  That was the last time that happened.  I quickly decided that it was in my best interest to drive the hour and a half twice a year to see Dr. Riddle.

During those 30 years, I had 2 beautiful daughters that I brought to Dr. Riddle as soon as they were old enough to sit in the exam chair.  It’s very important to get a sealant put on their little teeth to prevent cavities.  Now, they bring their babies to him.  They each have at least a 2 hour drive to get to him but they don’t mind at all.

Dr. Riddle gave me a beautiful bright smile with Veneers and Zoom Whitening.  I couldn’t be happier!

pediatric dentistry

Parents often ask at what age they should bring their child in for a dental check up. We like to see the kids when they are about 2 1/2 to 3 years old, unless you see a problem before that, such as black or brown spots on the teeth, or no teeth or gum sores.