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What are Dental Crowns (Caps) ?

Have you ever tooth with a crownbeen unable to fall asleep at night, staring at the ceiling and wondering what a dental crown was? Maybe you’ve wondered what the difference between a crown and a cap was. If so, this article’s for you!

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is like a glove that covers the tooth and holds it together, protecting it from further damage.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

Crown restorations are used in many situations, including:

  • When a tooth is damaged by trauma or decay, and an onlay or inlay is not sufficient.
  • When previous restorations fail or are unsightly.
  • When there is unexplained pain in a filled back molar (usually this points to a hairline crack caused by the old filling expanding).
  • After a root canal to create a new, natural looking chewing surface.
  • To cover a dental implant with a new, natural looking tooth.

When a tooth has become broken down and is basically falling apart, sometimes a filling just won’t work. Teeth that are broken down often need to get crowned or capped. The crown is also a solution for coloring the teeth.

What’s the Difference Between Dental Crowns (Caps) ?

There really isn’t a difference between a crown or a cap. A cap is simply a less technical name for a crown, kind of like chompers is a less technical name for teeth!
dental crown

First Appointment:

The first appointment consists of three or four steps, depending on why the crown is being created.

  1. Decay is removed if necessary, or previous work (such as a root canal or dental implant) is checked to ensure healing is complete.
  2. The tooth is shaped, if necessary, to accommodate the crown.
  3. An impression is made to ensure that the manufactured crown fits neatly between the adjacent teeth and has the correct chewing surface.
  4. A temporary crown is fitted to be worn while the crown is being manufactured.

Between Appointments:

At the lab, a crown is created using the impression that Dr. Riddle made. The crown may be completely porcelain, or porcelain bonded to a gold base. The color of the porcelain is matched to your existing teeth so the restoration will be unnoticeable.

Second Appointment:

The second appointment consists of three steps:Dental Crowns and Caps

  1. The temporary crown is removed.
  2. The permanent crown is fitted and adjusted.
  3. The crown is cemented firmly into place.

The result of the restoration is a natural looking and natural feeling tooth that functions properly, supports the adjacent teeth, helps anchor a bridge if necessary, or covers a dental implant for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Call our dental office today and ask for an appointment with Dr. Riddle if you would like to have old, cracked crowns replaced with modern, natural looking restorations!


Dental Crowns (Caps)

In summary, a crown simply covers the surface of the tooth to help protect it from further damage.